Cruises are popular and seem intuitive, but they can be quite complex to define.  Generally speaking, they are rated by both service level and size of ship/amenities offered on board.  Above that, some cruises cater to specific interests or activity level. 


Knowing your options and rating system, even if you almost never book those, will help guide you to propose a good option for your clients. Below is a site that explains in great detail the difference between many "off brand" cruise lines that specialize in locations, level of service, or certain experiences.  

As far as size goes,  there are mega cruises (those popular ones that you probably know), small ships, and river boats.  And for service, you start at contemporary on the low end (I used budget below), premium, luxury, and ultra-luxury on the high end.  For specific. interests, "expedition" is the most common, which is geared toward active cruisers. 

Read over this a few times, just to get an idea of the diversity of options available so you will be prepared. 



The average Joe cruise line.  Royal Caribbean offers middle of the road on everything (price, service, amenities) and neither offends nor highly impresses anyone. It's perfect for cruisers looking to go one step above Carnival, looking for a good deal, and looking for exactly what you need for a good cruise....but nothing more. 

With locations around the world, you can always find a port the works for your client. [link]

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The budget cruise line is perfect for those on a budget and first time cruisers that aren't looking for luxury.  Their MO is the "fun cruise", so big groups, celebratory trips, and weekend getaways are their niche. 

They are focused mostly in the US offering many ports along the East, West, and Gulf coasts with many sailings to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America.  Limited ports abroad with Australia, Asia, and Europe included.  

No Alaska or South American itineraries. [link]

Commission: 10%

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[ultra luxury]

These are your ultra luxury cruise lines.  While the ships aren't as big as the mega ship lines, these aren't as small as the small ships of Tauck.  Think of these as country clubs on water.  

Cunard is the only one that offers a kids club. While most of these are all inclusive, there are ala carte options available. 


Cruises can be found in most locations, but ports tend to be the less traveled cities.  [link]

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This expedition cruise is perfect for the adventure lover.  If your client wants to be the modern day Marco Polo, this cruise line is for them. 

Also, this line is known for their sustainable travel. 

Think Antarctica, Galapagos, the Arctic, Asia, and Europe.  However, dont expect to travel the well-trodden path with this guys. [link]

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These three cruiselines take the mega ship cruise experience of Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norweigian and elevate it to a luxury experience that most can still afford.  

Typically, these lines cater more to an older and established crowd.  However, there is a move toward being more multigenerational....specifically from Holland America and Princess. 

All three offer cruises everywhere, but tend to go away from the beaten path and offer more curated locations with luxury experiences.  Think a small town in the Bahamas with clear bottom kayaks, local specialities, and elegant cabanas. [link]

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This ultra luxury cruise line sails luxury yachts. They have the sophistication of Azamara, Cunard, and Oceania, but focus on the active adult.  Think the guy that plays tennis everyday at his country club vs. the guy that just goes for drinks.  

Wind Star allows kids, but doesn't offer anything special for them, and there are more al a carte options from this line than other ultra luxury lines. 


Cruises can be found in most locations, but ports are quiet coves, secluded islands, etc.  Think Mediterranean, Asia, Caribbean, and Central America. [link]

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This is the fastest growing cruise ship company, with ports all over the globe. The ships are impressive looking. They are a traditional cruise experience with and Italian flair. While they cater to European clients, anyone that is culturally open would enjoy this cruise.  

Because they are European centered, they offer the norm (Caribbean and Europe) and they add South Africa, Dubai, and South America to the list.

They have some decent marketing material to be used on your social media accounts.



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Disney freaks and luxury lovers will both be happy on this pricey line.  Disney's famous attention to detail will wow those with kids and those without. And, for those adults only groups, there are plenty of kid free zones. 

Disney serves the US, Carribbean, Mexico, Central America, Alaska, Europe, and Hawaii. [link]

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Think one step up from Royal Caribbean, NCL focuses on a bit more upscale experience that is more customizable.  With suites, more dining options, and kids clubs galore, this line was voted most family friendly. 

As customizable as your trip on this line is, so are the cruising destinations.  NCL serves everywhere you can think!  [link]

Commission: 10%

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[river/euro][high commission]

Famous for their European river cruises, this line is one of the least expensive "luxury" cruise lines.  All rooms have a veranda, most drinks are included (beer, wine, soda),  and a ton of excursions are free.  Despite that, there are still upgrades to be had. 

While they aren't anti-children, they don't offer anything special for them. 

While their focus is Europe, they also offer the Americas, Asia, and Australia. [link]

Commission: 15-17%

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This is that special company for those special clients with an unlimited budget who really wants to be blown away.  They won't be on a private ship, but they will have all their needs and wants met. 


They offer river cruises in Europe with a max of 24 passengers, expedition cruises in the Arctic and Antarctica with a max of 199 passengers, canal barge cruises throughout Europe, and interesting destinations such as the Nile in Egypt and the Mekong in China. [link]

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