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  A personal, travel planner & host agency  

Have Jess create your personal travel plan!

Let              take away the stress

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My name is Jess and I love to travel. I'm a certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) by trade, and a natural organizer. Years ago, I started booking custom travel experiences for my friends and family, and decided to turn my passion into a business. Now, everyone gets to #travellikejess with a personal travel planner is not just a person. It's the idea that a custom travel itinerary should maximize your time by tying together "happy moments" in new places.  Your time is valuable. Let me handle all the details and organization. Have a beautifully hand crafted custom travel itinerary with you on your trip - guiding your every step. Have me create a personal travel itinerary for you today.




I said yes to         ! What's next?

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Jess Custom Trip Planner Interview

1. Interview

Jess Travel Researching custom travel itinerary

2. Research

Jess Travel Booking custom vacation itinerary

3. Book

4. Enjoy

Let me take care of your booking after you approve your

I figure out what makes the perfect trip for you and your entourage.

I'll put together a custom travel plan keeping everyone in mind.

This is where you give the thumbs up and get excited. 

Just show up with your personal travel itinerary on your phone.

Trust the             Way

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No kickbacks needed on you custom trip itinerary

Unlike oldschool travel agencies, my only loyalty is to you and your family.  No kickbacks or partnerships required here, just a desire to make sure you have a killer time, where-ever you want to go.  You'll stay in a place that fits your needs, do activities hand picked for you, and eat what makes you happy.  Every detail will contribute to your private travel experience. 
Jess says relax she'll make you a personl travel plan
You work hard and deserve a stress-free vacation.  Don't find yourself at a closed museum, spending time zig-zagging across town between activities, or wasting time researching on the go.  Have Jess take care of your custom travel plan so that your vacation is seamless. 
Personal trip plan delivered to your phone
Your custom travel itinerary is always available via an app or PDF in your pocket, whether you have service or not. Don't stress, I'll handle all the details. Just enjoy.

We picked             ...

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