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Why choose Jess as your custom personal travel planner

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Why a Custom Travel Planner is Your New Best Friend in Adventure


Hey, wanderlust warriors! It's Jess here, your fairy godmother of travel, ready to sprinkle some magic on your next getaway. Ever wondered what a custom travel planner does and why you absolutely need one in your life? Buckle up, because I'm about to spill the tea on why we're the secret ingredient to your dream vacation.

The Anti-All Inclusive: Why choose me? You want to see it all. You choose me because the trip you want is hard to plan. It's multi-city, it's multiple modes of transportation, there's a funicular thrown in for good measure. It's the kitchen sink of travel. This is the bulk of my business, and where I thrive. I've honed a killer method over the years that maximizes every moment and dollar of your trip. Trust me, your trip is totally custom. Let's make your dream vacation a reality! But if you want to sit and chill, I can do that too.

The Personal Touch: Your trip is tailored to you. Imagine having a BFF who knows your travel style better than you know your favorite coffee order. That's me; splash of milk and a hint of cinnamon powder. As a custom travel planner, I'm all about getting to know you – your likes, dislikes, and those quirky little preferences. Why settle for a cookie-cutter trip when you can have a handcrafted itinerary that fits you like a glove?

Customized Itinerary: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all. You're unique, and your travel should be too! Think of me as your personal travel chef, cooking up a journey that's as unique as your taste. Whether you're craving a serene beach escape or an adrenaline-packed adventure, I've got the recipe for an unforgettable trip. You wanna go private? Ooh, you fancy? I got you.

Expertise and Insider Insights: Google can tell you where the Eiffel Tower is, but can it tell you the best spot for a secret Parisian picnic? That's where I come in. With my arsenal of insider info and hidden gems, I'll help you dodge the tourist traps and discover the real heart of your destination. Be a traveler or a tourist. You tell me.

Peace of Mind: Relax, I've got this. Travel planning can be a maze of flights, hotels, and activities – enough to make your head spin. But guess what? I love this stuff! Leave the nitty-gritty to me, and focus on what really matters – making memories. I'll handle the details, so you can enjoy the journey without the stress.

Why Do You Need a Custom Travel Planner? Because your time is precious, and so are your travel experiences. With me, Jess.Travel, you're not just taking a trip; you're embarking on a journey tailored just for you, filled with moments that you'll cherish forever. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

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