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Are you ready?

The Jess.Travel Team awaits your personality.

Our host agency is poised to change the travel world. The old travel agents of the past are today's modern, well-paid, custom travel experience planners. 

If you've always been the friend in your group that is the organizer, or the world traveler, then we want to talk about you becoming a personal, travel planner.


We're looking for individuals looking to be successful in the travel industry and make people's vacation dreams come true. It's your brand, our help.

Fill out the form below, and start the conversation.

There's no obligation of any kind.

Image by Sasha  Freemind




Make your own mark

Jess.Travel Independent Contractors (IC's) run their own custom trip planning businesses, and have their own clients.

Foreign Custom Travel Planner and host agency

Planners Outside the U.S. Welcome

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