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Outer Banks, NC has it all

The Reasons to Visit the Outer Banks, North Carolina

Netflix’s new series, Outerbanks, has brought popularity and intrigue to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. People are eager to see what makes this place so special because of the show. Though the show gave it popularity, there are plenty of other reasons why everyone should visit the OBX.

Adventure Sports

The Outer Banks are on the coast of many beaches. This means there are plenty of sports and activities that tourists can add to their custom travel itinerary. One of the most popular adventure sports in the Outer Banks is kiteboarding. Visitors can fly across the sky and see beautiful views of the water and sunsets. Others might go surfing, paddle-boarding, or take a horse ride along the beach! The Outer Banks are perfect for thrill seekers because of all these fun activities.


There are five lighthouses located in the Outer Banks. People love to explore these lighthouses and learn about their history. A travel itinerary planner can help tourists find trips to visit all of these lighthouses in one day. Arrive at the lighthouses by sunrise or sunset to get some truly captivating views. The best part is that all these lighthouses are within driving distance of one other, so road trip planners can help organize a trip to all of them. They give Outer Banks a unique edge over other beach towns.

All those Beaches

The Outer Banks have over 200 miles of coast, so tourists can lounge all over the beach. Because there is so much beach space, there aren’t too many crowds when visiting. Families can park their stuff in one spot on the beach and spend all day there. They can play volleyball, go kayaking, or simply view dolphins from the shore. Hit up a beachside bar and grill after getting a tan. Tourists can plan their whole trip around lounging at the beach and they’ll never get bored.

Wright Brothers’ Memorial

The Wright Brothers’ Memorial is in the Outer Banks. People can come and pay their condolences and appreciation for the Wright brothers while on their trip. While there, tourists can see some of the planes and original plane models the Wright brothers initially made. Tanning on the beach is fun, but every once and awhile it’s like seeing some history and culture in a town. The Outer Banks has that with the Wright Brothers’ memorial. It provides an element of education to an otherwise ordinary beach town.

Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Jockey’s Ridge State Park is an amazing attraction in the Outer Banks. Few personal travel planners would send tourists on a trip without sending them here. This state park is a natural sand dune. Here, people can fly kites, see sunsets, or explore the dune. Visitors can even go hang gliding over the park! There are trails to be hiked and boardwalks to be found at Jockey’s Ridge State Park. What fun!

The Outer Banks in North Carolina are so much more than a Netflix show. They offer fun activities, history in the form of the Wright Brothers’ memorial, and truly memorable experiences. This is a great vacation destination that is unlike any other beach-town. Call or email Jess.Travel if you'd like a custom travel itinerary for the Outer Banks.