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Gulf shores Alabama: A new American hotspot.

Some of the many Reasons to Visit Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Shores, Alabama is a perfect seaside town for a family or friend vacation. There are stunning beaches, delicious activities, awesome tours, and loads more to do. This is a wonderful vacation destination that everyone should visit. Get a custom road-trip travel itinerary from Jess.Travel and combine it with other great gulf coast and southeast destinations.

It’s Family Friendly

The Gulf Shores is a perfect place to go on a family vacation. Vacation trip planners can help families buy tickets to a number of excursions and tours, like cruises, go-karting, concerts at the Wharf Auditorium (we can hope), and so much more. There are outdoorsy activities and relaxing spas. There is something for every member of the family. Enjoy a day shopping together, and then hit up a beach side restaurant at night. Families can do activities together, or separate and meet up later. This city has it all!

Water Sports!

The Gulf Shores wouldn’t be a beach town without numerous water sports and activities. Those who organize a trip to gulf shores through a personal travel planner can rent equipment and do a different water sport every day. The Gulf shores have jet skis, paddle boards, kayaks, and snorkeling gear for rent. Additionally, visitors can go parasailing, sailing, boating, or hang out at one of the many marinas. There are so many water adventures to be had in the gulf shores, which is why all water and beach lovers alike should visit.

Beach Life

Sometimes the key to the perfect vacation is simply a nice beach. The Gulf shores have wonderful beaches that are great for swimming, sailing, and making sand castles. There are beautiful beaches along many streets in the Gulf Shores, with some of the best being on 12th street, beach boulevard, and gulf shores parkway. The water at these beaches is a majestic turquoise green and the sand is white and soft. Alabama is not exclusively known for its beaches so they are never too packed. The beaches here are great for both socializing, and for spending time on one’s own.


Gulf Shores is not all about gulfs-- it’s also about golf. There are many golf resorts in country clubs in Gulf Shores for the golf lover in everyone. Footgolf is a great golfing place for mixing up the ordinary sport. This is a unique experience that combines golf and soccer. Everyone in the family can play. Those who would rather partake in regular golf can head to a regular golf course for the ordinary nine holes.

Wildlife Experiences

Many of the attractions within Gulf Shores include wildlife. Visiting the Gulf Shores is a great way to see exotic animals without heading to a national park. There are plenty of dolphin tours for seeing the ocean’s mammals. There are also kangaroo, lemur, and sloth encounters, among many others. There are so many animals to see in this seaside town that is unlike any others. Kids will love getting to hold and pet animals that might not have otherwise seen. These experiences are definitely worth adding to a custom travel itinerary in Gulf Shores.

Visiting Gulf Shores is something everyone should strive to do in their life. This is one of those vacations that are perfect for everyone. There is relaxation, there is fun, and there is plenty of delicious food. To add more Gulf Shores Alabama itinerary ideas visit their official tourism website.