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Havasupai Falls - Arizona's Hidden Gem

Inside the Grand Canyon sits a secret area highlighted by extraordinary waterfalls and stunning blue-green water – the Village of Supai. Also known as Havasupai, this community is the most remote in at least 48 states. This spot is so remote that the U.S. Postal Service only delivers mail by mule. If you’re looking for a hidden gem experience, Supai is where it’s at. Before you head out, think about reaching out to Jess for a custom travel itinerary.

Cinematic Sights

The waters in Havasupai are so stunning that they make the eight-mile hike down from Hualapai Hilltop worth it. Yes, you will have to take a challenging hike, but the reward is unbelievable. The refreshing waterfalls and pools are some that anyone would dream of. You can also attempt high cliff jumps and take a swim to the rocky corner behind the falls. Another two miles from the falls, you will be able to set your things down to make camp where a night under the towering trees will feel like a movie. No smoke, no noise, no lights. Just you and the starry sky.

The People of the Blue-Green Water

The village is occupied by the Havasupai Tribe, who are also known as the “people of the blue-green water.” Many who visit this isolated community rave about the hospitality all around. Entering the village, there are people there to greet you and answer questions. The locals are friendly and return the respect you show them. They are known for their traditional cultural life and their original arts and crafts. The residents also work at all of the stores and restaurants in the area.

Supai’s Savory Spreads

There are only two restaurants in Havasupai, and both are highly praised, so both deserve to be mentioned here. Starting with Supai Café, this café offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a variety of options. It is recommended to not pass up the fry bread, which looks like a friend tortilla and can come with honey and powdered sugar, among other things. Other guest favorites include the Supai taco, the blueberry pancakes, and the chicken sandwich.

Moving along to Sinyella’s, you can enjoy a delicious meal at this restaurant, which was one of the first buildings in Supai. The service there is praised, and the food is known to be great. The lawn around the restaurant is a pretty place to sit down and enjoy your bite while you relax. The burgers, the breakfast burritos, and fries are some of the items that patrons are excited to get. It is recommended to stop here to get your food during your trek down to the falls – there are no other stops for a while.

These secluded falls share a stunning cascade away from the inescapable crowds of the Grand Canyon. Make sure to consult a vacation planner prior to your trip, and you’ll get to experience a demanding hike, flavorful cuisine, and some life-changing sights.