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Maui: The island that seems to have it all

There are not a lot of places in the world that can compete with Maui. Thanks to its stunning nature, turquoise water, and mouth-watering food, it is a destination you are guaranteed to fall in love with. Although often considered as the honeymoon paradise, the beautiful island has more to offer than just beach hopping. From small museums that capture the history of Maui to challenging hikes that will be hard to forget – whatever you may choose, you are in for a treat! Here are some ideas to make your vacation even more enjoyable.

Custom maui travel planner

Explore the Pipiwai Trail

Are you looking to get closer to nature? Well, as your personal travel planner, I suggest exploring the Pipiwai Trail, which is located approximately 12 miles past Hana town. When taking the hike, expect breathtaking bamboo forests, well-maintained bridges, and rock steps. One of the best parts of the walk is the fact you will stumble upon two impressive waterfalls. If you are traveling with the whole family – no worries. The hike is suited for people of all ages.

Discover the Makena Cove

Nestled between a few houses and a stone wall, Makena Cove is truly the hidden gem of Maui. Due to its beauty, it is well known amongst travelers. However, only very few take the extra steps to see the volcanic rock up and close. Don't make this mistake as the view is incredible. Furthermore, since it is rarely crowded at the Makena Cove, you will most likely have the place all to yourself.

Visit the Kula Botanical Garden

Although it is fun to explore hidden and lesser-known parts of any country, a vacation trip planner should always include at least a couple of famous sites in the itinerary. In Maui, for instance, it would be a crime not to visit the Kula Botanical Garden. Opened already in 1977 as a native plant preserve, the fascinating place has become one of the island's most loved attractions. In the Botanical Garden, you can discover and admire more than 2000 different local plants.

For a personal travel itinerary to Maui, give Jess a call.


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