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Off the Beaten Path: Exotic Custom Trips Planned for the Intrepid Explorer

Are you craving an adventure that's out of the ordinary? Look no further! Jess.Travel specializes in crafting bespoke travel experiences to some of the world’s most exotic, less-trodden locales. From the windswept Faroe Islands to the enigmatic landscapes of Armenia, our custom trips are designed for travelers who yearn to explore beyond the usual tourist trails.

Faroe Islands: Nordic Enchantment

Nestled in the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands are a collection of 18 volcanic islands known for their dramatic cliffs, rugged landscapes, and a rich Nordic history. Here, you can hike through the lush valleys of Vágar Island, marvel at the majestic Mulafossur Waterfall, and indulge in traditional Faroese cuisine. A Jess.Travel specialty includes a visit to the ancient village of Gásadalur, offering breathtaking views and a sense of timeless tranquility.

Faroe Island Exotic Travel Planner
Faroe Islands, the less traveled Iceland

Antarctica and Patagonia: The Ultimate Adventure

For those who dare to venture further, Antarctica and Patagonia offer an unparalleled experience. Embark on a cruise to the icy realms of Antarctica, where you'll encounter diverse wildlife like penguins, seals, and whales. Then, head to Patagonia, a land of awe-inspiring glaciers, like the Perito Moreno, and the Torres del Paine National Park. Our custom itineraries include expert-guided treks and exclusive access to remote areas for a truly unforgettable journey.

Antarctica and Patagonia Exotic Travel Planner
Antarctica & Patagonia Eco Travel

The Azores: Portugal's Hidden Gem

Midway between Europe and North America, the Azores archipelago is a paradise for nature lovers. São Miguel, the largest island, is home to stunning crater lakes, thermal springs, and verdant landscapes. Whether it's whale watching, diving in crystal-clear waters, or exploring the unique volcanic terrain, Jess.Travel ensures an Azorean adventure that’s both serene and exhilarating.

Azores Exotic off the beaten path travel planner
Azores, islands of Europe

Armenia: Where Ancient Meets Modern

Armenia, a crossroads of civilizations, offers a blend of ancient history and rich culture. Visit the millennia-old temples like Garni, explore the UNESCO-listed monasteries like Tatev, and enjoy the vibrant city life of Yerevan. Our customized tours include wine tastings in Areni and a visit to the breathtaking Lake Sevan.

Armenia Central Eastern Europe alternative travel
Armenia, & the less traveled Europe

Slovenia: Europe’s Green Heart

Slovenia, with its alpine scenery and charming cities, is a hidden jewel in Europe. Lake Bled, with its iconic church on an islet, and the captivating Postojna Cave, are just the beginning. We arrange for intimate experiences like private tours of Ljubljana's historic center and gourmet expeditions in the Slovenian countryside.

Slovenia Ljubljana custom exotic travel planner
Slovenia, & the less traveled Europe

Bhutan: The Last Shangri-La

Discover Bhutan, a Himalayan kingdom where ancient culture and natural beauty converge. With Jess.Travel, explore the iconic Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest Monastery), marvel at the architectural wonder of Punakha Dzong, and experience the unique blend of tradition and modernity in Thimphu. Our tailored journeys include archery lessons, interactions with local monks, and treks in the Jigme Dorji National Park, promising an unforgettable adventure in the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Bhutan Asian exotic travel plans
Bhutan hillside

Bonus Destination: Madagascar - A Biodiversity Hotspot

Venture to Madagascar, an island nation teeming with unique wildlife and diverse ecosystems. From the baobab trees of Morondava to the rainforests of Andasibe, Madagascar is an ecological wonderland. Jess.Travel's custom tours include guided wildlife treks, cultural encounters, and stays in eco-friendly lodges.

Lemurs of madagascar exotic custom travel planner
Lemurs of Madagascar


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