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Five Reasons to Travel To Alberta, Canada

Five Reasons to Travel to Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada is home to some of the greatest views in the world. The Canadian province is often praised for its nature and wildlife; it is beautiful in every season. Tourists of all kinds can create a travel plan in Alberta that caters to their needs-- there is something for everyone! These are the top five reasons why everyone should make Alberta, Canada their next travel destination.

So Many National Parks

Alberta, Canada is a wilderness lover’s dream destination. This province is home to five, beautiful national parks. Their most notable park is Banff National Park, which hosts over four million visitors per year. The four other national parks are: Elk Island, Wood Buffalo, Waterton Lakes, Jasper National Park. Exploring these five parks is the perfect vacation itinerary.Visitors can hike mountains at these parks, go swimming, camping, ski down slopes, and see a wide array of wildlife. Tourists could spend weeks in Alberta and still find new and fascinating views within its parks.

Alberta is Home to the Bluest Lakes

A personal travel plan for Alberta would not be complete without visiting its lakes. Hidden within Alberta’s national parks are the bluest lakes in the world. These have been represented on countless travel sites and in many instagram posts. Alberta’s lakes, Moraine and Louise, get their turquoise color from glacial silt-- materials from glaciers. No dye goes into these lakes either. They are completely natural, which adds to their allure.

The Calgary Stampede is a Festival of Fun

People visit Alberta in the winter for skiing, and in the summer to attend in the Calgary Stampede. The Calgary Stampede is a festival and rodeo that occurs in Calgary, Alberta, Canada every year. The stampede lasts about 10 days in July, and reinforces the idea that Alberta is great in all seasons. Over the course of these 10 days, about a million people from all over the world come to visit. Those who love partying and rodeos alike will need to attend the Calgary Stampede; it’s the most notable summer event in Alberta.

IceFields Parkway is Great for Custom Road-trips

Any road trip planner worth anything should add Alberta to the top of their bucket list. Icefields parkways, or highway 93, is a beautiful road that follows Alberta’s mountains and glaciers.The best views of Alberta can be viewed from this highway. The journey takes about three hours, but visitors can expect to spend any entire day stopping and soaking in the mountainous views. There are a number of tours that combine the Icefields Parkway with glacier adventures, so tourists will have plenty to do on this highway.

Alberta is Home to the Royal Tyrrell Museum

Any vacation trip planner will insist that Alberta is a must-visit solely for the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Alberta is certainly a province that is well-known for its stunning views and nature, but this museum is what makes it truly stand out. This museum has over 160,000 dinosaur fossils and specimens. Dinosaur and science lovers alike should visit Alberta simply for this museum.

There is fun to be had for everyone in Alberta. It’s an array of nature, entertainment, and history wrapped up in its cities and parks. This province is a travel planner’s dream, because there is so much to do. No one could every get bored in Alberta-- that’s why everyone should visit.

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