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The Best of Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

Waterfalls, wildlife, hot springs, alpine wildflowers, and glaciers. Mt. Hood, the highest mountain in Oregon, not only flaunts these stunning views, it also offers fun and interesting activities for everyone to enjoy. To make the most of your trip, consider a travel planner for some help!

Trails for Days

There are around a thousand miles of trails in the national forest area, with most backpackers typically taking the Timberline Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail. Hiking the entirety of the Pacific Crest trail from Mexico to Canada takes six months, and maybe you'll meet some real thru-hikers on your day jaunt. A less traveled path would be Muddy Fork whose silly name does no justice. On this west side of Mount Hood, many people report catching sight of various wildlife such as marmots, bears, and elk. You can take the direct path on this trail or unite with other trails in order to get to Ramona Falls, a remarkably charming cascade where you can stop for a break and just enjoy the beauty.

A Cozy Place to Stay

The Timberline Lodge is a great place to relax during your visit to Mt. Hood National Forest. If you come it, you might find it a bit familiar. That's because the exterior of Timberline was used as the Stanley Hotel in the iconic Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining. Besides its more recent flashy debut, the Timberline Lodge was also pronounced a national history landmark in 1977. The lodge was constructed in 1937, during the Great Depression era, and has come a long way since. A great extent of the decoration is still preserved; however, the lodge has been updated with more contemporary facilities. This is the perfect spot if you plan to hike with the Pacific Crest Trail and the Timberline Trail ready for you when you step out.

Live a Little, Learn a Little

The Mount Hood Cultural Center is another hotspot of activity where you can learn about the mid-nineteenth-century history of the region. The center showcases several exhibits that recount pioneer history, early exploration, forestry, natural history, and the progression of skiing and mountaineering on this mountain. There are interactive portions of this museum, where visitors can personally experience hands-on demonstrations, including a scavenger hunt for children of all ages. You can also great a beautiful view of the mountain from here!

Winter Sports Wonderland

Mount Hood gets an approximate 55 inches of snowfall every year, making it an excellent destination for skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. Many recommend Mount Hood Meadows for snow sports, considering it has 11 ski lifts and 85 different runs. This winter playground also has a 3-mile downhill area, with a trail for skiers of all levels. Not the sporty type? No worries. Snowshoe trails can be found in a zigzag formation along the mountain, for a peaceful way to appreciate the mountain with little equipment.

Mount Hood offers the ideal mix of sporty ventures like hiking and skiing, while keeping it lax with activities like fishing and camping. Whatever your plans may be, take it easy and let Jess handle your personal vacation itinerary. Get ready for the ultimate custom travel experience!