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The Perfect Getaway - Alamosa, Colorado

Alamosa is an underrated city in Colorado with so much to offer. Home to treasures such as the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve and Zapata Falls, this area is a paradise for lovers of the outdoors. You’ll have a good time exploring mountain tops, taking in nature, and swimming in brisk waters. If this sounds like the trip for you, don’t forget to ask Jess for help with a personal vacation itinerary for Alamosa, Colorado before you make your journey.

Exploring the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve

This national park and reserve are one of Alamosa’s main attractions. With no specific trails, a you’ll find yourself on an adventure no matter what. The idea of a sand dune might seem flat and barren, but the entire park varies from forest areas to tundra, and even to cottonwood groves. Many people sand board or sand sled while they appreciate their day at this park, or you can just chill and camp. You are even allowed to bring your pets to the dunes, but just remember that you must keep them on a leash and keep an eye on the temperatures when you visit.

The Refreshing Zapata Falls

You can get a great view of the sand dunes from Zapata falls, where the cool water come from 25-feet up. If you can handle colder water, a swim will give you a nice change of pace from the sunniness of before. Known as one of Colorado’s hidden gems, these falls are secluded, so you can enjoy time away. Getting to the falls themselves can be tricky; you will have to navigate over slippery rocks and through crisp waters. It will definitely worth it once you’re able to relax and take in the beautiful sight of this cascade.

Some of Alamosa’s Best Cuisine

Alamosa has a lot of amazing food, especially in the Mexican food area. One fantastic pick is Juanito’s Mexican Restaurant. They have delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine and boast their ability to cater to all dietary requirements. Juanito, the owner, formerly worked as a bus boy at this restaurant for around 20 years before buying the restaurant himself. Their ingredients are locally sourced, and patrons often applaud the atmosphere and service here. Many recommend the barbacoa tacos, the deluxe chalupas, or the chicharrones enchorito!

Tour the Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge

Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge gives you an opportunity to view migrating and native wildlife alike, including sandpipers, falcons, regrets, and sometimes as many as 20,000 sandhill cranes. There are two trails to hike on in this area, including the Bluff Nature Trail and the Rio Grande Nature Trail. Both trails allow leashed dogs. Exploring this wildlife refuse lets you savor nature and you can even photograph some of these majestic animals.

Alamosa’s beauty is one that you need to experience for yourself. It provides an array of adventures for you and your family to discover. Don’t wait, talk to a personal travel planner about this excursion to make the most of it. Alamosa is waiting for you!