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Traveljoy: Understanding our Customer Relationship Management software (CRM)

Your journey with Jess.Travel as an independent, personal travel planner begins with using our preferred Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Traveljoy. CRMs are just databases where you input all your customer and trip info. There are many different kinds used in the industry. Most look like a clunky mess from the 90s. Traveljoy is not one of those. A Traveljoy agency subscription costs $10/month.

With your team member log-in that we've provided, you'll be able to input client info, create reports, create tasks, create custom travel proposals, get forms signed, get paid and more. Below, I'll post some videos that I think you should watch before getting started. These will show the ins and outs of the system including logging your commissions. They're also available on the left sidebar of TravelJoy to watch at any time.

The main TravelJoy help forum is here. If we don't know the answer, they are very quick to respond to facebook messages.

Setup Wizard

At first you will go through a Setup process. There, you'll upload your logo, and answer questions about your business. You will also link your bank to Traveljoy so that clients can pay you for your service fees, but you don't actually need to use it. Feel free to use square, venmo, paypal or accept checks. If you have any issue with adding your bank automatically, they will ask you send in bank statements. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly, and you won't need to do this step.

Every month, I will log into your account and view your expected commissions. Usually, within 30 days of your client's trip we will receive a check from the suppliers and distribute your portion to you via check or direct bank transfer.

Long Webinars (Deep dives)

Intro to Traveljoy

Group Booking

Quick Explainers

Intro and Dashboard

Setting up Traveljoy - add your logo and your own branding.

Trip Basics


Templates - add your own verbiage and branding to your forms.


Communicating with a group.

Create and share group booking pages to help your clients book and learn about group trip excursion options.