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Why You Should Visit Asheville, North Carolina

Mountainous hiking trails, ghost tours, street art, and so much more. Asheville, NC is on the small side, but it has so much to offer. Known as “The Land of the Sky,” Asheville somehow straddles its rich history with a hip and creative atmosphere. Consider planning with Jess for a custom vacation itinerary; that way you make the most of this amazing trip!

The Biltmore Estate

Built in 1895, The Biltmore Estate is the largest and one of the oldest homes in the country. The hundred-year-old Vanderbilt property is home to 8000 acres that feature shops, dining, tours, and a separate inn that is available for guests to stay. With reasonable prices for tickets and a free audio guide, this is a perfect stop on your vacation to explore the Biltmore’s historic 250 rooms and exhibitions.

Pisgah National Forest

Down Route 276 about half an hour south of Asheville sits the beautiful Pisgah National Forest. The adventure awaits in this historical monument with its trails, waterfalls and even natural waterslides, such as Sliding Rock Falls. The water is cold, but who can resist a water slide? You can’t go wrong with panoramic views, wildflower habitations, or horseback riding, which are also featured in this National Forest. Additionally, and important to note, pets are always allowed at this site but only if they are on a leash.

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort

Looking to ski? Asheville is known for its incredible skiing sites as well as its resorts for the winter time. Wolf Ridge Ski Resort is located about 30 minutes north of the city and offers a family friendly environment all year-round. The resort sits on Big Bald Mountain at 4,600 feet and is perfect for a winter getaway. Even though they see several inches of snow every year, the best time to stay at Wolf Ridge are mid-February through the end of March when the snow is powdery and the sun is shining.

The Grove Park Inn

Along with Asheville’s many fantastic sites to see, the local food speaks for itself. The Grove Park Inn stands at the top of a hill and is known to be the most elegant hotel in the entire city. But beware, this 100-year-old hotel has a The Shining-esque environment that is known to be haunted by a spirit they’ve named “The Pink Lady.” It’s only a handful of minutes from historical and significant sites in Asheville, such as the Biltmore Estate, simply because its home is the downtown area. Mineral pools, golf courses, lounges, mountain views, this resort offers way more than food. Its Sunset Terrace restaurant features southern style cuisine as well as classic seafood and steak entrees. Not only that, but locals urge tourists to try the local beer as well with any meal.

Asheville is an intriguing destination for any traveler. This city is not only home to many historical sites, but it is also known for its incredible scenery and its fresh, farm-to-table food. Plan your next vacation to Asheville with a travel planner like Jess and enjoy everything this unique city has to offer.